mirra bikesMirraco Corporation will soon be re-branding its bikes to feature the names Dave Mirra and Mirra Bikes instead of Mirraco. In rethinking the company’s mission we came to the conclusion that Dave’s legacy didn’t need to end with his passing. With that in mind, we’ve decided to move forward with a focus on “building bikes that build the sport”TM.

What that means is we are going to give back to the sport by donating a portion of the money we make from bike sales to DaveMirra.com so they can give back to organizations who support youth cycling in various ways.

We will focus on producing inexpensive bikes that parents and kids can afford and find easily. In order to accomplish that, we plan to make them available online and at large retailers in as many locations as possible. We believe that the accessibility and affordability of our bikes are the most important factors in getting more young riders started in the sport.

Our intention is to help grow the sport, not just our brand. If we’re successful, every one in the cycling industry will benefit, including our competitors. And that’s fine with us. Click the link below to see the remaining Mirraco models offered by Dynacraft.