gold bikeThe name Dave Mirra will always be associated with bikes. And that will never change. Dave rode from the time he was a kid until his passing in February of 2016.

After riding for Haro for more than ten years, Dave joined forces with Haro’s former President Jim Ford to form Mirraco Corporation in 2006. He wanted to create a brand of his own. And he did.

Mirraco became the fastest growing brand of BMX freestyle bikes sold in bike shops right out of the gate. And it was one of the three best selling brands during its first eight years in business.

Beginning in late spring of 2017 the Mirraco brand will be retired. It’s not the end of a great brand; it’s the beginning of a new brand, Mirra bikes. The difference amounts to much more than just dropping the last two letters off of the Mirraco name. We’re going to be building bikes that build the sport.

Stay tuned, there’s a lot more to come.