On February 4th, 2016 the action sports world lost one of its most iconic and respected athletes with the death of BMX freestyle legend Dave Mirra.

Dave’s passion for riding and his dedication to being the best he could be lead to a career and a reputation that still resonates with action sports enthusiasts worldwide.

His accomplishments were extraordinary, yet he remained humble and approachable. He played a key role in growing BMX freestyle and gaining a global audience for the sport. And he inspired riders worldwide to get on their bikes and ride. Dave never intended to be a role model, but he became the face of the sport as his accomplishments grew and his engaging personality won the admiration of his fans, his peers, and the media.

Today on his birthday, his family and friends are re-launching DaveMirra.com. with two purposes in mind. The first is to present a collection of photos, videos, and stories of Dave’s life, on and off of his bike.

The second is to give back to organizations that support youth cycling and charities that are involved in and support action sports. Dave gave back in many ways over the course of his career and we want that legacy to continue despite his passing.